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Fun fact: an ex of mine is currently dating her.

Fun fact: an ex of mine is currently dating her.. For example, Susan* was a divorcee in her mid-30s and so frustrated with the dating scene that she had all but given up Or Joe*, a successful corporate executive in his early 40s who had worked so hard building his career that he d forgotten about building a family and worried it was too late To read case studies about how I help my clients create successful and fulfilling relationships, continue here Find out ways YOU can ignite your dating life Continue to My Relationship Blog Free Consultation With Lesley Edwards Find Out 3 Massive Mistakes Most Single Women Make That Keep Them Tired, Alone And Worried They ll Never Find True Love Book Your Free Clarity Consultation Subscribe to my mailing list Website Request 3 Massive Mistakes Most Single Women Make - Free Tickets (Ladies Only) Free Call/Question Top 10 Online Dating Profile Tips Lesley empowers and enables people to create the relationships of their dreams, and in the process leaves them transformed with more clarity, confidence, love and understanding.. It is often not Read More The Awakened Lifestyle: NYC Dating Coach John Keegan Marries Opportunity & Preparation to Help Singles Organically Attract Love By johnkeegan